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Congratulation on your upcoming wedding!

I'm confident that you're going to be
happy you’ve found me. You'll find that I’m unique among DJs that perform wedding receptions, because for over 20 years of my life I've spent DJing wedding receptions, so my experience and skill level with wedding receptions is as high as it gets. This makes my style uniquely "wedding perfect", such as my style of announcing, my style of coordinating, the music I play, and the physical presentation aspect. Also unique is that I implement extreme dependability and punctuality measures, which are very important when it comes to wedding receptions.

I will move your reception forward by first making sure you two are ready and that everything is in place prior to each step, and then guide your guests by using my tasteful style of announcing. I’m going to completely customize and stylize your music to your individual taste and selections.

Russ Messick


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My Experience

Throughout the years I’ve disc jockeyed thousands of weddings with about a third being at venues such as the Hotel Bel Air, the Chateau Marmot, the Millennium Biltmore Hotel , the Ritz Carlton, the Montage Laguna Beach, the Hotel Del Coronado, the La Jolla Torrey Pines Golf, the Trump International Golf Resort, the Queen Mary, the Montecito Inn, and the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel, which for years exclusively used me as the only DJ they would recommend for wedding receptions. The other two thirds of my receptions were at your normal person's backyard and small local venues. I’ve also have had the pleasure of working with a number of well known actors and music artists for their weddings or their family's weddings. My experience with weddings is more vast and extreme than any DJ that I’m aware of.

Listen to what Jen Glantz the CEO of Bridesmaid for Hire has to say about what's the most important places to prioritize and spend your money in order to have the best possible and most memorable wedding. She's a uniquely independent and unbiased wedding reception expert.

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Service Features

I will be the DJ that will be personally providing your wedding reception entertainment. I don't sub-out any of my weddings to anyone for any reason.

I provide a truly personalized and customized wedding service in every way, so you will get exactly what you want.

I will keep your wedding reception together and flowing smooth at the right pace, by orchestrating and arranging every step prior to my initiating each step.

Extensive knowledge of all genres and all decades of music, so I can help you if you need help with your music selections. 

I wear a nicely tailored black suit, with a black dress shirt and a strait regularly knotted tie that is sold gray/silver. Or you can choose one of my other more casual styles of dress or I'll dress according to a theme.

Obsessive punctuality, resulting in never being late to a wedding in all my over 20 years. Punctuality system set in place. I arrive three hours prior to the music start time, even through I don't need to setup that early. No other DJ has that type of track record. 

I perform all styles of wedding receptions; from casual nontraditional, to black tie, to beach style, to country style, and many others. 

Catering to and respectful of all religions, orientations, ethnicities, and cultures. 

Because of all the unique ways I operate, with more unique ways mentioned on Wedding Secrets, I am consistent at turning out professional results.